Jersey's Best Fis...

Jersey’s Best Fish and Chips at Entwhistles in Gorey

Jersey’s Best Fish and Chips at Entwhistles in Gorey

Fish and Chips in Gorey Jersey
There has been a fish and chip shop in the same location for longer than most people can remember, it was formerly known as the Café de Laise, which developed a tremendous reputation for the quality of its fish and chips and the novelty of its small intimate restaurant, you were able to bring your own bottle of wine!

In 1982 the shop was “modernized” and sadly the restaurant feature disappeared. The name was changed to “Ernie Entwhistles” and the reputation for good Fish & Chips continued and the shop has traded under the same Owners/management since.

The old building was well past it’s sell by date and on the 14th of December 1999 was demolished, building work on the new shop started immediately. The shop re-opened on the 1st July 2000 and we have continued to keep our reputation for high quality fish and chips.

On the 1st July 2012 we celebrated 30 years as Entwhistles, under the same ownership and management.【PRO USE】みんなの家庭の医学で紹介??????????? オレンジスイート精油 1000ml 生活の木※合計金額5400円以上お買上で送料無料(一部地域、対象外除く)
綿100% 無地調 国産 こたつ布団 掛け布団単品 『いろり』 萌黄(グリーン) 215×255cm【代引不可】
【特典あり!!】 2017年 コイズミ 学習デスク/コイズミ学習机 WD SPECIAL WDスペシャル ステップアップデスクL ハイタイプ WDS-871WW WDS-872NS WDS-873BS
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数珠?女性用 アクアマリン 8mm 正絹房
リーデル デカンタ マンバ 1950/19 1500cc D70
【取寄せ】 ディズニー Disney デイジーダック Daisy Duck ドナルドダック Donald エネスコ 置物 フィギュア ブリット ロメロブリット アート 芸術 人形 彫刻 Enesco
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【正規輸入品】 アメリカ ハワードミラー 635-159 HOWARD MILLER CALLAHAN クオーツ置き時計 [大型サイズ]
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