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Wednesday October 28th

You can place orders as usual or over the phone on 854603 ... See MoreSee Less


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What has changed ?

Saturday October 3rd

Just received this photo from one of our lovely customers ☺️
I usually don’t like photos of myself but this one it’s a little bit different
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Just received this photo from one of our lovely customers ☺️
I usually don’t like photos of myself but this one it’s a little bit different


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Lovely lady always smiling and super friendly

Always perfect service with your lovely smile ! Xx

Lovely warm and friendly girl - simply the best 👌 🌟 x

Piękna ❤️

Ah.... lovely!

I miss you guys, I miss the fish n chips being 800k away it’s a long way to drive for chips now 🥴 and I used to complain about driving from St Brelades 🤪 hope your all keeping well our friends Stephanie and Dave will be over to see you next year, make sure you get some skate in please 🤪, anyway stay safe and thanks for all the fish n chips 🤪

🥰😘 x

It’s also exactly how we see you, a friendly face at the chippy!!

Service with a smile as always!!!

Always with a smile 💜

Such a lovely picture of you. Xxx

Great service from the team always

Beautiful xx

Excellent photo. Xxx

Lovely photo of lovely lady 😊😊

The beautiful Monika xx

Nice picture 🙂

Lovely xx

lovely picture

Looking lovely xx

Such a lovely picture of a lovely lady 😀

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Wednesday September 30th

Dear customers,
Weather is slowly changing and as You know for everyone safety we do not let customers enter the shop... so we’ve decided to go back to phone orders, You can still order through the window 😊
Please be understanding in busy times as we may not be able to pick up the phone every time.
I can only promise that we will try our best.
Also on Friday night we will be open only until 9pm
Stay safe x
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Hi Will you take orders on messenger..?

Ummm Scott Douglas next week? X

Holly Kay

Grant Cavey

Kelsey Videgrain Elle Griffiths Daisy Robertson Milly Nocentini

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Monday August 31st

Entwhistles will be closed today ... See MoreSee Less


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A well deserved break

Saturday July 4th

Due to maintenance work Entwhistles will be closed on Monday 6th of July ... See MoreSee Less

Sunday May 31st

Our new opening hours are:
12-2pm and 5-9pm (we have moved lunch hours half an hour later than use to be).
I would like to say Thank You to our customers who supporting us 😊
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You face everything and got throw it and never gave up should b very proud of yourself your staff as well x

Thank you for being there for us all xxxxx

You thoroughly the support you have given your customers back to you. You have done wonders! 😃👍

Well done!🌈

Friday May 22nd

Entwhistles will be closed on Monday Bank Holiday ... See MoreSee Less


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Have a nice rest if you can xxx you deserve it

Enjoy your well deserved rest xx

Have a lovely break xx

I miss your fish and chips and your hamburgers.

Are you taking just cards or just cash or both? Going to pop up tonight x

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Sunday May 3rd

We are closed Monday Bank Holiday but open on 8th and 9th of May ... See MoreSee Less

Saturday May 2nd

Good evening,

We had busy day on Friday and Saturday and lots of You had to wait, we are sorry for that, but we try our best to make it as quick as possible.
The restrictions do not allow us to work next to each other and that’s why it takes longer. Also I need to apologize to everyone who tried to get through on the phone... it was too busy outside the shop and I couldn’t take any more orders... so again I’m sorry.
Thank You so much for coming and supporting us 💕
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Cannot wait to get home to jersey and have some fish and chips. Staying safe is more important for everyone and it sounds as though you are doing a fantastic job in troubled times . Bonsoir de France x

Monika, we are missing you guys. Good to know you’re up and running and we will try and get up to you shortly. The waiting is worth it. 😋🍿🐟

Your doing a terrific job and people understand don’t apologise we are just grateful that you want to open at all under such tough circumstances.

Thank you for keeping going - it’s a wonderful Friday evening tradition for us and made even more special being able to keep coming during the lockdown - always delicious and always a friendly smile - stay safe and see you soon 🙂

You’re all doing a great job Monika, didn’t wait long and great food as usual.

We came Friday night and had amazing fish and chips. The staff were working so hard to get everyone served, well done guys x

Your doing a good job in hard times 👏👏👏

We had a fantastic meal on Friday. Thank you and well done! 🌈

Just glad you are busy!

We had a lovely meal Thursday x

You are the BEST, can't wait, till we can come over🛳

The fish and chips this evening were excellent. Glad you are busy.

Just stay safe lovely lady, for you and your fab team, It is what it is and people will have to accept that. Xxx

Glad we got there early! Thank you for a “delicious dinner” said our daughter!

Wouldn’t get our fish n chips from anywhere else!

No need to apologise, your meals are always fab and worth waiting for. Besides, it means I don’t have to suffer a meal cooked by the lovely Neil Dutot. 🤪😂

We had delicious fish and chips tonight. Super service. 👍🍟🐋🍟👍

You didn’t keep Daisy long 😊. Thank you.

So efficient xx

Ooo Scott Dooglies theyre open!!!! 😍

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Tuesday April 21st

Thank You very much for sending us lovely cards, made us feel so special 😊😘 xx ... See MoreSee Less

Thank You very much for sending us lovely cards, made us feel so special 😊😘 xxImage attachment


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This place has got to be the best chippy in Jersey by miles Had awesome fish & chips again last night. Sat on a bench in Gorey What could be better ! Just brilliant Keep it up guys !!

Friday April 17th

Just wanted to say Thank You to our customers for patience today,
It’s very difficult to work with new restrictions especially on Friday night.
Once again Thank You 🙂
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What we had was stunning! Thank you for what you are doing. Stay as safe as you can xxxx

Delicious dinner as normal! Thank you so much & well done for all your hard work to ensure we can still enjoy a treat on a Friday night! Xx

Thank you Entwistle s for making Friday special xxx in such difficult circumstances xxxx

My chips were awesome...!!Thank you for everything you are doing to stay open and serve our community

Sunday April 12th

We are closed on Monday Bank Holiday ... See MoreSee Less

Friday April 10th

We are open on Good Friday 4.30pm -8.30pm 😊
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Adam Rive

Ordered from you last Friday!! Amazing service and sooo tasty!! We will defo be back this evening! Fish Friday!! 😍

Do you need to pre-order?

See u later

Delicious fish and chips xx


Fish friday

Nicole Walls

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Saturday April 4th

I cannot Thank You enough for Your support, kind words and smile through the window ❤️ ... See MoreSee Less


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Thank you for staying open!

Monday March 30th

Dear customers,

We are closed today, as we need to organize shop for a few changes.
Firstly we will be changing opening hours,
from 4.30pm- 8.30pm (closed lunch time).
You can still come and order through the window or order over the phone.
Thank You for Your kind comments and support, we appreciate it 🙂
Please stay safe ❤️
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You are the best 🙂 take care about you !!! SEE you - one DAY -hopely <3 Greetings from bavaria 🙂

See you on Saturday Monika 😊 Keep well 😊

See you later, thank you for staying open

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