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About Us

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Meet The Team Here At Entwhistles


Monika @ Entwhistles Fish and Chip Shop Jersey

Monika, Owner /Manageress

Monika came to work for Entwhistles in 2008, and  recently took over the business from Ian.

Favorite menu item? Chips of course!

Accompanying beverage? I like the occasional beer.

Ideal Eating Location? On the beach with husband Jon and daughter Em.

When you’re not at work?  Spending time with my husband, Jon & Em

Ian Burrows @ Entwhistles Fish and Chip Shop Jersey

Ian, former owner now part timer

Opened Entwhistles in 1982, Recently stepped aside and passed the business over to Monika.

Favorite menu item? Cod and Chips.  What else?

Accompanying beverage? Has to be a cup of tea.

When you’re not at work?
Football,  Burnley fan, golf , my two daughters – and my grandson Jake

Pawel @ Entwhistles Fish and Chip Shop Jersey

Sebastian, Master Fish Fryer

Sebastian started at Entwhistles in 2007, he runs the Engine room! A bit of a perfectionist he enjoys his job and it shows!

Favorite menu item? Breaded cod

Accompanying beverage? A beer of course, especially a Polish one.

Ideal Eating Location? In front of a football match.

When you’re not at work? A massive sports fan especially football Sebastian is a Liverpool supporter.


Luis, Assistant Fryer

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Favorite menu item? Burger, especially since we started doing onions

Accompanying beverage? Diet Coke.

When you’re not at work?  Dreaming of that new car , oh and partying!

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